Month: May 2016

What Stephen King Told Me This Week

A couple of days ago Stephen King gave me some good advice about writing. Now, I’m not a delusional man so I’m not saying he came to me in a dream or somehow delivered information to me psychically, I’m saying he talked to me through his own writing. He told me to write every day. […]

The Meaning of Life

The other night I got caught up in a continuous philosophical loop at about 2 in the morning. As sleepless nights go it wasn’t a bad one, full of fret or anxiety … this one was about what really matters. Literally. At 2 AM in a half-sleep stupor on the verge of restful slumber I muttered […]

Right v Left

I have an assignment for you. With the presumptive nominee in place for the Republican party and the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party all but assured, how assured are you that you know their true affiliations? We’ve seen the battle going on inside the Republican party between the people’s choice and the party’s choice. […]

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