Month: April 2016

Tavern Philosophy: Rethinking the Minimum Wage

Last night over a beer I had a partial conversation with a friend about the minimum wage increase. It was a partial conversation because it was being discussed in the larger context of the busy day. About how much we love cheese sticks. About how steep a price the Philadelphia Eagles paid to move up […]

Hollywood or Bust

When the Rams finalized their move to Los Angeles, they needed to make a big splash. They just did. I figured it would mean going out and signing RGIII, or trading for Colin Kaepernick, or even trying to lure that Manning guy out of retirement. I didn’t see this coming. Not at all. This morning, […]

The Best Thing I Do All Week

Since my last entry, nearly a week ago, I’ve been spending as much free time as possible researching phrases like “how to make money blogging.” It’s exhausting. I’ve absorbed thousands of words on the subject and learned about sites such as, and – resources I knew nothing about before. I feel alternately […]

How I Became a Rams Fan

When I was a kid I had no interest in sports. While my brother and the other neighborhood kids were playing touch football in the streets, or wiffle ball in the Wheelers’ driveway, I was pretending to be Captain America or Captain Kirk. Occasionally, Heath Barkley. I would run around with a wooden phaser in […]

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